Algeria Société Algérienne de Parasitologie
East Afica East African Society for Parasitology
Egypt Egyptian Society of Parasitology
Morocco Société Marocaine de Parasitologie
Nigeria Nigerian Society for Parasitology
South Africa Parasitological Society of Southern Africa
West Africa West African Society of Parasitology

American continent

Brazil Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
Canada Canadian Society of Zoologists
Chile Chilean Society of Parasitology
Colombia Sociedad Colombiana de Parasitologia y Medicina Tropical
Costa Rica Asociacion Costarricense de Microbiologia y Parasitologia
Cuba Cuban Society of Microbiology and Parasitology
Ecuador Sociedad Ecuatorana de Medicina Troical y Parasitologia
Guatemala Asociacion Guatemalteca de Parasitologia y Medicina Tropical
Latin America Federacion Lationo Americana de Parasitologos
Mexico Sociedad Mexicana de Parasitologia
Peru Sociedad Peruana de Parasitologia
USA American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
New York Society of Tropical Medicine
Society for Intervertebrate Pathology
Society of Nematologists
Society of Protozoologists
International Society of Protistologists
Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitologists
New England Association of Parasitologists (NEAP)
Helminthological Society of Washington
New Jersey Society of Parasitology
Northern California Parasitologists
Rocky Mountain Conference of Parasitologists
Southeastern Society of Parasitologists
Southern California Parasitologists
Southwestern Association of Parasitologists
Venezuela Sociedad Parasitologica Venezolana


India Indian Society for Parasitology
Indonesia Indonesian Parasite Control Association
Iran Iranian Society for Parasitology
Japan Japanese Society of Parasitology
Korea Korean Society for Parasitology
Malaysia Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine
Pakistan Pakistan Society of Parasitology
Philippines Philippine Society of Parasitology
Taiwan Taiwan Society of Parasitology
Thailand Parasitology and Tropical Medicine Association of Thailand
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Society of Protozoology
Uzbek Zoological Society (Uzbek Parasitologists)

Europe and Near East

Europe European Federation of Parasitologists
Austria Austrian Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology
Baltic countries Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology
Belgium Société Belge de Parasitologie
Bulgaria La Société de Parasitologistes en Bulgaria
Czech Republic Czech Society for Parasitology
Estonia Society of Estonian Parasitologists
France SociétéFrancaise de Parasitologie
Georgia Georgian Association of Parasitologists
Scientific Society of Medical Parasitologists of Tbilisi
Germany Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Parasitologie(German Society for Parasitology)
Greece Greek Society of Parasitology
Hungary Hungarian Society Parasitologists
Irelenad Irish Society for Parasitology
Israel Israel Society for Parasitology, Protozoology and Tropical Diseases
Italy Societa Italiana di Parassitogia
Netherlands Netherlands Society for Parasitology
Poland Polish Parasitological Society
Romania Association of Romanian Parasitologists
Russia Parasitological Society at the Russian Academy of Sciences
The K. I. Skrybin Society of Helminthologists of the Russian Academy of Sciences
National Committee of Russian Biologists
Nordic countries Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology
Denmark Danish Society for Parasitology
Slovak Republic Slovak Society for Parasitology
Spain Associacion de Parasitologos Espagnoles
SEEEP Southeastern and Eastern European Parasitological Society
Switzerland Swiss Society for Tropical Medicine and Parasitology
Turkey Turkish Society for Parasitology
United Kingdom British Society for Parasitology
British Society for Protist Biology
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


International Commission on Trichinellosis