Greatly owing to the leadership of the past presidents Alan Cowman and Jørgen Kurtzhals and due to the efforts of former secretaries, WFP has become a modern organization with increased activities. At the council meeting held during ICOPA XIV (2018) in Daegu, South Korea we elected and reelected new executive board members who are represented in our home page now.

WFP is now publishing our own journal entitled, “Parasite Epidemiology and Control” in collaboration with Elsevier. I strongly hope this journal become an important platform which will make us more visible and allow us to contribute more to the science and practice of parasitology and parasite control.

The highlight of 2018 was, of course, ICOPA XIV held during 19-24 August 2018 in Daegu City, South Korea. Jong-Yil Chai (President of ICOPA XIV), Tai-Soon Yong (Chair of the Organizing Committee), and their team had managed to gather a high number of eminent and outstanding parasitologists and as well as very active young parasitologists and health workers. We also had wonderful social gatherings, great food, and a memorable gala dinner.

I would like to wish all parasitologists around the world a Happy and Successful New Year 2019. I look forward to see you all in the next ICOPA XV in Copenhagen, Denmark which will be organized by Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP), Danish Society for Parasitology (DSP), and the ICOPAnhagen Organizing Committee (OC).

Jong-Yil Chai

President of World Federation of Parasitologists