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Research professor (tenure track) ZAPBOF, Immunology of parasitic diseases at the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a dynamic, forward-thinking, European university. We offer an innovative academic education to more than 20 000 students, conduct pioneering scientific research and play an important service-providing role in society. We are one of the largest, most international and most innovative employers in the region. With more than 6000 employees from 100 different countries, we are helping to build tomorrow’s world every day. Through top scientific research, we push back boundaries and set a course for the future – a future that you can help to shape. 

As part of its dynamic research policy, and supported by the University Research Fund (Dutch: Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds, BOF), the University of Antwerp (UA), Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Laboratory of Microbiology, Parasitology and Hygiene (LMPH) has the following full-time vacancy:

research professor (tenure track) ZAPBOF in the domain of immunology of parasitic diseases


As a member of the Tenured Senior Academic Staff (Dutch: Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel, ZAP), you will contribute to the University of Antwerp’s three core tasks: research, services and education. Your role may also include organisational and managerial aspects. As a research professor, your role will consist primarily of academic research with some limited involvement in the educational programmes for a maximum of 10 years.


  • You will expand high-quality scientific research in the area of immunology of parasitic diseases. The LMPH lab has an internationally strong position and unique assets in the research of protozoan parasites. The University of Antwerp aims to strengthen her position in the battle against infectious diseases and plays a leading role with unique assets in the regional ecosystem consisting of research institutes, hospitals and pharma/biotech companies.
  • You will initiate new lines of fundamental and applied research and coordinate the progress of scientific research projects. You will also participate in ongoing research programmes on infectious parasitic diseases.
  • You will acquire and manage national and international research funding.
  • You will publish in top journals in the area of infection, parasitology or immunology.
  • You will develop an international scientific network.
  • You will supervise PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.
  • You will endeavour to fund synergies and complementarity with similar groups in institutions in Antwerp and Belgium and will aim to collaborate with these as relevant.


  • You will play a role in the provision of both academic and societal services within the institution and externally.


  • You will provide high-quality education in courses about immunology and parasitic diseases of human and veterinary importance.
  • Your limited teaching role will evolve in function of time.

Organisation and leadership

  • Your leadership style will be motivating and coaching. You will be attentive to your employees’ growth and development processes.


  • You hold a PhD in Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • You can demonstrate a minimum of two years of postdoctoral experience in immunology of parasitic diseases.
  • A solid immunological background and experience with in vitro and ex vivo immune cell culture and characterization by flow cytometry are essential.
  • Experience with parasitic infection laboratory models is important.
  • Experience with bioinformatic analysis of (single cell) omics data, immunometabolism or skin immunity is an added asset.
  • You have an international academic portfolio and conduct high-quality academic research.
  • Your research qualities are in line with the faculty and university research policies.
  • Your teaching competences are in line with the University of Antwerp’s educational vision. You are motivated to develop your teaching skills further through the professionalisation opportunities available.
  • If you do not speak Dutch, the administrative language of the university, you should be willing to obtain a CEFR B2 level of proficiency in Dutch within five years after your appointment. As soon as you take on teaching duties as a programme component coordinator, you should be able to demonstrate a CEFR C1 level of proficiency in the language of instruction. The University of Antwerp supports international staff members through an integration trajectory and offers tailor-made language coaching in compliance with Flanders’ statutory language regulations
  • You demonstrate leadership potential and organisational skills.
  • You act with attention to quality, integrity, creativity and cooperation.

What we offer

  • We offer a full-time (TT)ZAPBOF appointment. For junior candidates, this is a tenure track assistant professorship for a period of five years. Following a favourable evaluation, this period is followed by permanent appointment (tenure) as an associate professor. For senior candidates, the level of appointment (whether at the level of associate professor, professor or full professor) is determined on the basis of your professional experience and academic qualifications. The appointment leads to permanent appointment (tenure) after a maximum of three years following a favourable performance appraisal.
  • Your gross monthly salary is calculated according to the pay scales for Senior Academic Staff.
  • We offer an attractive starter package.
  • The planned start date is September 1st, 2023 or as soon as possible after this date.
  • You will do most of your work at Campus Drie Eiken in a dynamic and stimulating working environment.
  • Find out more about working at the University of Antwerp here and discover all the other benefits.

Want to apply?

  • You can apply for this vacancy through the University of Antwerp’s online job application platform up to and including 15 March 2023 (by midnight Brussels time). Click on ‘apply’, complete the online application form and don’t forget to include the following documents:
  1. your motivation letter,
  2. the completed job application appendix for ZAP,
  3. your academic CV,
  4. a detailed research plan for the next five years (approx. 5000 words.),
  5. a report on your previous scientific research activities (maximum 1000 words),
  6. an abstract on the scientific content of the research plan (maximum 500 words or 4000 characters).

All documents must be submitted in English. Adding these attachments is mandatory. In the  absence of one or more documents, your application will be declared inadmissible.

  • The selection committee will review all the applications as soon as possible after the application deadline. As soon as a decision has been made, we will inform you about the next steps in the selection procedure. Please make a note of the following dates: date x (interview/sample lesson/etc.).
  • If you have any questions about the online application form, please check the frequently asked questions or send an email to If you have any questions about the job itself, please contact Prof. Guy Caljon (, head of parasitology at the Laboratory of Microbiology, Parasitology and Hygiene. If you have any questions about the typical appointment framework for this research role, please contact the TTZAPBOF officers in the Department of Research Affairs & Innovation, Ms. Marianne De Voecht (0032 3 265 30 29) or Ms. Birgit Houben (0032 3 265 31 39)

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